"Nuit Blanche" October 5th - A night filled with art happenings

La Nuit Blanche 2013

Nuit blanche

The Nuit blanche (meaning  in english "all nighter") was launched in 2002 and is now held every year from 7pm till 7am on the first saturday of October.  The festival was created to promote art and culture.  Countless Paris galleries, museums, city halls will open their doors all night and numerous light installations, edgy performances, and concerts will be happening in the streets of Paris for only one night. ©M.Conet ©M.Conet The best thing to do is to just walk around, you can check anything that looks interesting as it is all free of charge. We usually walk around the Marais or the Canal St Martin. ©atoutfrance_FCharaffi ©atoutfrance_FCharaffi This year, the festivities will start at 7pm by a sound performance by the british artist Martin Creed. For three minutes, all the bells surrounding the nuit blanche trail will ring simultaneously (see map below). You can also participate by using your alarm clocks or the bells on your bicycle!

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You can find all the events happening in the Marais area here.  We also suggest you to walk along the Seine river banks, check the program here. Other areas are the Canal St Martin and Belleville Menilmontant Enjoy this great cultural night and let us know what installations you liked the most!