Collection Pinault at the Conciergerie - October 22  to January 6

Collection Pinault at the Conciergerie - October 22 to January 6

For the first time in Paris, Francois Pinault, one of the leading contemporary art collectors in the world, presents some of its private art collection at La Conciergerie.  Most of the 50 art pieces from 22 artists (video installations, paintings, sculpture, photography...) have never been shown to the public. The exhibition called "A Triple Tour" (Triple locked) deals with imprisonment, captivity: political, psychological, mental, emotional, criminal. Untitled Chen Zen The exhibition is divided in two: 1. Crisis and confinement: Dealing with ecological threats (Diana Thater), impossibility to communicate (Bill Viola), prisons (Boris Mikhailov, Mohammed Bourouissa, Ahmed Alsoudani), civil war (Mona Hatoum), terrorism (Raphaelle Ricol), urban realities (Julie Mehretu) and the idea of resistance (Bertille Bak and Allora & Calzadilla). 2. Individual and confinement: Chen Zen Chaise de ConcentrationDamien Hirst The individual confronted to himself and its demons: anxiety of getting old (Sun Yuan & Peng Yu), phobia of disease (Damien Hirst), madness (Javier Tellez, Maria Marshall), fear of being alone (Llyn Foulkes), guilt (Kristian Burford)…   La Conciergerie was the first royal palace until the 14th century when the Kings moved to the Louvre and Vincennes. During the Revolution, it became a prison.  The history of this palace ended up tragically for the Kings of France, as it is there that Marie Antoinette and the young Louis XVII were imprisoned.  You can see beautiful medieval style architecture in the palace and of course the famous Sainte Chapelle with its extraordinary stained glass windows. La Conciergerie is located two minutes walking distance to our hotels the Residence des Arts and Villa d'Estrées. conciergerie La Conciergerie 2, boulevard du Palais 75001 Paris A Triple Tour from October 22nd to January 6th Open everyday from 9:30am to 6pm Late opening until 8pm 24, 25, 26, 27 October and wednesdays from October 30th to December (last entrance 7pm) Entrance: 8,50 € You can also buy a combined ticket to visit Saint Chapelle and La Conciergerie Photo 1. Justin Matherly Untitled 2. Chen Zen Chaise de concentration 3. Damien Hirst The Fragile Truth 4. Chen Zen La Voix du sommeil - Sleeping too